Anchor-Seal Products

Our products are suited to a wide range of applications–specially formulated to put high performance in your hands for the most challenging production requirements. Learn more >

Engineered to Meet Demanding Production Requirements

Anchor-Seal’s ongoing research and testing yields thermoset materials specifically formulated to meet or exceed the unique requirements of our individual customers. From initial customer contact through application engineering to order fulfillment, you can rely on Anchor-Seal no matter how challenging the application. Our products include Epoxy, Polyurethanes, Polyureas and RTV-2 Silicones–and now Hand Sanitizer.



Anchor-Seal epoxies for potting compounds and encapsulants provide good performance in high temperature and/or chemical environments. Use for applications that require dimensionally stable, heat resistant, low shrinkage, and impact resistant epoxy. Click below for product details:

Anchor-Seal Polyurethane elastomers, potting compounds and encapsulants are used in general prototyping to rapid injection molding: casting of parts, medical devices, housings, bumpers, gaskets and other miscellaneous items. Aromatic Shore ‘A’, Shore ‘D’ and Water Clear Aliphatics with varying ranges of hardness, chemical backbones and performance. Click below for product details:



More information on Anchor-Seal polyureas coming soon...


RTV-2 Silicones

Anchor-Seal is a New England Distributor for Silicones, Inc., two-component Tin and Platinum Series, for use in deep section cure as needed for electrical potting, encapsulating and castings: prototype molds to special effect silicones for prosthetics and animatronics. Click below for product details:

Anchor-Seal sells 5 gallon Proxitane® AHC, an EPA-registered concentrated liquid disinfectant effective against a broad range of bacteria, viruses, and fungi that is manufactured by Solvay Chemicals. Shop Now >


Miscellaneous Products


Private Labeling

Anchor-Seal offers private white labeling of Epoxy, Urethane and Polyurea products manufactured by us to be sold under your retail brand name. Call us at 978-515-6004 for details.