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Anchor-Seal Water Clear Aliphatic Polyurethane Elastomers

Flexible and Rigid Casting Resins, Exceptional Clarity, Optically Clear, Non Yellowing, Good Weatherability, Impact and UV Resistant. Used for Clear Potting and Encapsulation, Prototype Models, Medical Components, Decorative Cast Pieces, Jewelry and Special Effect Use.


Water Clear

Product #/Color

Working Time
100 Grams @77F

12-15 min.

Shore Hardness


6-8 hours @77F

Shrinkage (in/in)


@77F CPS


Mix Ratio

Resin/Cure Wt. (Vol)


MSDS Sheets: U1582DV - Pt A, U1582DV - Pt B

Demold Time
Depending on Mass

UV Stable, Water Clear, High Impact Strength, High HDT

* Platinum Mold Only - also available in 6, 20, 30 and 60 minute working times

Pot life, gel time, cure time, and demold time vary depending on quantity mixed, thickness of casting and mold temperature. The use of heated molds is recommended i.e. 100F (38C). Warming the mold will accelerate demold and decrease cure times. Low temperatures will slow the curing and extend demold time. Hardness development progresses more slowly in the longer working time / longer pot life materials. Post-curing for 6-8 hrs  @ 160-175F will accelerate development of properties. Impact strength and heat distortion properties improve when the casting is post cured. Aliphatic urethanes are UV resistant / non-yellowing. Read label, Technical Data Sheet and Safety Data Sheet before use.

Viscosity Chart

1 cps = Water

400 cps = #10 Motor Oil

1,000 cps = Castor Oil

3,500 cps = Karo Syrup

25,000 cps = Hershey's Chocolate Syrup

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